New Bible Study – The Gospel of Matthew beginning September 8.



Join us at St. Leo for a study of the Gospel of Matthew.

 This exciting study brings the Gospel to life and draws you closer to Christ.  You will see Jesus as the awaited Messiah who fulfills the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament, establishes the New Law, and inaugurates the Kingdom of Heaven.  Set in the rich context of Jesus’ life, Matthew shows us who Jesus is and what his life and teachings mean for us today.  

The series begins on Friday, September 8, 2017, and continues for 24 sessions. 

The sessions are from 9:45 am until 11:30 am in the St. John Room.  

For more information please contact Gigi (Gisela) Trujillo at 703-298-0481 or Carolyn Smith at 703-273-5369 or