Altar Servers


Father David Dufresne 703-273-5369

St. Leo’s altar servers (5th through 12th grades) are trained to assist the priests at the celebration of the Eucharist and other liturgical activities. Training sessions are usually held in the fall. See Training section below for further information.

This year the Altar Servers:

  • Added 19 members, bringing the total of servers to 85;
  • Assisted the priests at all Sunday, Holy Day, and 9:00am daily Masses;
  • Served at the Friday Holy Hours;
  • Participated in all the special liturgical celebrations for the Easter Triduum and at Christmas.

In the coming year, the Altar Servers will:

  • Conduct a training session for new recruits;
  • Visit Mt. St. Mary’s seminary with the Knights of Columbus;
  • Attend the annual diocesan Altar Server Picnic.

In addition, six adults rotate altar server duties for the daily 6:15am Mass. Jack Cotner schedules the rotation and can be reached at (703) 323-5787.