Religious Education Homeschool Program


St. Leo’s Religious Education Program is here to assist parents in the formation of their children in the faith.   Parents who are home-schooling their children are asked to register their children each year.  When parents register  their children for  classes, we will give them the text and syllabus needed to guide their children’s  pace of study.

There will be mid-term, final exams, and prayer assessments, which all students are required to take each year.  Parents are responsible to arrange for their children to take these tests during  the scheduled test times  or by appointment.  Please refer to these dates on the Religious Education calendar.   All  students  are required to be assessed before  promotion to the next grade level.  We discourage homeschooling during the Sacramental preparation years.  Parents should contact the DRE if there is an extenuating situation that conflicts with their children being in the classroom.

We encourage home-schooled students and families to participate in the Religious Education events and other Parish activities.  For example, the Religious Education  classes unite each year in prayer during the Forty-Hour Devotion, and for devotion to Our Lady at the May Crowning.

For further information please contact the Office of Religious Education at 703-273-4868.