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The Lectors are open to all parishioners who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and have a love of Scripture, solid prayer lives, and the basic talent and desire to read the Word of God clearly and faithfully. Its more than 60 members read at all Masses–Sunday, Holy Day and daily. We have an annual meeting in mid-to-late Winter. We are actively welcoming new members at any time: No prior experience necessary; we will train!



December 30-31: The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
5:00      Rowena Morris and Dennis Howley
7:30      Tim  Holleran and Larry Cook
9:00      Marvin Muhat and Ian Benson
11:00    Penny Beuch and Kimberly Notarianni
5:00      Youth Group

       January 2018 Lector Schedule  

January 6th– 7th–  The Epiphany of the Lord
5:00     Jane Mettenburg and Sean Wilson
7:30     Virginia Berg and Paul Balserak
9:00     Paul Besson and Burman Skrable
11:00   John Conlon and Michael Furey
5:00     Lyn Chin-Kidd and Ping Averia

January 13th-14th– Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00     Joe Kanyan and Rowena Morris
7:30     Patrice Winter and Jim Engelhardt
9:00     Knights of Columbus Corporate Communion
11:00   Penny Beuch and Albie Lau
5:00     Ralph Strenglein and Julie Gumowski

January 20th-21st-   Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00     Catherine Peltier and Sharon Chang
7:30     Kevin Bosch and Brian Knapp
9:00     Dale Allen and Lynda Rozell
11:00   Yuwa Ikhinmwin and Chuck Bauland
5:00     Kevin Kleponis and Jessica Leal

January 27th-28th–  Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00     Bob Neatrour and Pascal Arcese
7:30     Joe Gesker and Heidi Wilson
9:00     Hannah Quast and Larry Cook
11:00   Catholic Schools Week Mass
5:00     Youth Group

First Name Listed- Responsible for First Reading and Prayers of the Faithful*
Second Name Listed- Responsible for Introduction and Second Reading
*If a deacon is present, he will read the Prayers of the Faithful